Hello peeps,I have never update my blog for half year =) sorry about that.
Now is the time for me to vent out my story here.
hmm... something makes me felt upset last night.
Am I really over rely or dependant on my another half?
Ya, I think so.
Should I start learning to be independent now?
Suddenly a lot of question marks come out from my mind.
By the way, for guys...
Will you just allow your girlfriend to attend colleague's wedding dinner with you by separately?
and then only meet up at the dinner's location? will you feel weird?
No matter what reason it is? will you?
Maybe I am sensitive.
I'm disappointed what he have asked me yesterday.
Honestly, I did admit that I'm such a .....whatever "路痴",
and I've never drive to PJ before,even once.
How can I get there alone?
ya, I know that I can try. But I am not the first time to do something like that .
Erm.. searching the road with GPS. And WT*** GPS sometimes getting idiot when the tension moment. You know getting nervous when don't know where it is and keeping go thru with TOL and TOL again all those things. IIISSHH! hate that,I know I am stupid enough ok =.="
OMG~! This is what I think I should get more independent.
Maybe I should work it out, like searching for freelance job without transportation.
Go everywhere to get more familiar with the road way and recognized more places in everywhere.
Fine. Until here, just wanna vent or spread it out to all bloggers and my own what's my sadness.
This is only the way that I can just share out and keep it as my diary that something keep in my heart but I have no way to tell whoever.
I'm nevermind  if just only me the one who write this and look for it
In future, I can flash back what I have done.
My sadness,my happiness and so on.
I set my blog as my diary since I've registered or sign up for the blog.
I don't mind no one to check out of my blog.
But if anyone still need to comment for sure is available and welcome.

It's 12.50am now.............
See ya~
Good luck for all,
sweet dream =3

BUBBLE POP ^0^.... ^-^!

I love her hair alots!...


I Love this SONG!

Can I know what song is this??
Really damn nice..'
I only can heard the lyric of this short chorus
" No matter what i cant, no i cant think about you
  give me one more chance, one more chance to make you right
  i know i know........."
That's all..
If someone looking of this blog, can you help me to find it out ?

Jan 15

Recently everyone is busy for their stuffs, include you and me...
Every night sleep late for rushing project plus stay college for discussion in project work.
I know that's tired a lot.
How hard-working are you..??!
I feel that a lot different between me and you..
Gambateh my crazy ONE!
Support .. Oshh~~

Jan 13

Is my joyful day again..
It's Juan birthday.

^^K Time^^

Happy Birthday to Juan.